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UPVC and PVC Ball Valve Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

We are WESTON Ball Valves, a top-rated, reliable manufacturer and supplier of uPVC Ball valves and PVC Ball valves. Weston Ball Valves is one of the Best PVC Ball Valve Manufacturers in Ahmedabad and the leading uPVC Ball Valve Supplier in Gujarat, India with three years quality warranty. Our company was established in the year 2009. Our mentor and CEO, Mr. Ketanbhai Vajibhai Padaliya, has since guided the organization to reach new heights of success each year. We have grown at a fast rate and become even more competitive over the years, increasing our customer base.

Currently, we manufacture a wide range of industrial valves for several businesses, including those associated with the primary sector, located in different parts of the country. We have ample technical expertise and rich experience in the field of manufacturing industrial valves.

Industrial valves are considered among the major components to accomplish a wide range of tasks in plants, equipment processing units, and factories. Such valves regulate the flow of water, oil, acid, chemicals, and other varieties of solutions, making production safe and professional.

WESTON Ball Valves has a good name in the market as a top manufacturer and supplier of different types of industrial ball valves that make the tasks easier and conveniently manageable for several businesses. Different plants and factories rely on our industrial valves.

Our company was established in the year 2009. In the past 12+ years, we have enhanced our operations and made excellent business relations in the industry. The legal status of our firm is an individual proprietorship. We are known as consistent value creators for factories and manufacturing plants located in different parts of India.

We offer different types of ball valves like Plastic Ball Valve, MS Handle PVC Ball Valves, Long Handle PVC Ball Valves, uPVC Ball Valves, PVC Flush Valves, PP Ball Valves, Irrigation PVC Ball Valves, Agriculture Ball Valves, Solid Ball Valves, and RPVC ABS Handle Ball Valves. Apart from that, WESTON is the premier manufacturer and supplier of UPVC Pipe Fittings like the UPVC Plain Elbow, UPVC Coupler and UPVC Plain Tee.

We began our journey as a small organization. Our hard work and determination made us a big player in the market. Today, we feel proud and more responsible to play a major role in innumerable production processes and similar operations for several businesses at every possible scale.

Our modern manufacturing unit based in Ahmedabad is equipped with sophisticated machines. We rely on top-notch technologies in manufacturing industrial valves under various categories. As professional manufacturers, we continuously strive for excellence. We leave no stone unturned in meeting the specific demands and specifications of our beloved customers.

We have ample technical expertise in manufacturing agricultural ball valves. Furthermore, we are also skillful and have experience in manufacturing bulk amounts of plastic solid ball valves and foot valves. The range of valves we manufacture is extensive. There are numerous choices for businesses that they can explore and select without hassles.

Adding immense value to agricultural operations and production procedures is our major priority. We never compromise with it. In past years, several companies active in the primary sector have benefitted from our valves. We believe in innovations. WESTON continuously strives for excellence to deliver the best for its customers.

Our valves are precisely designed to render the most desirable utility during the production process and related operations. Our experts focus on implementing the most optimal solutions in manufacturing the valves, keeping in mind the particular needs of individual businesses. We never give our customers any chance to complain about the product quality.

We adhere to every possible manufacturing regulation and standard. Our company has the necessary certifications and valid licenses to manufacture and supply industrial valves to different locations across the nation. It is simple to place a bulk order with us. Mention the required details and we promptly respond to your order.

Our learned mentor is Mr. Ketan Padaliya who is also the CEO of the company. His insights and vision are continuously driving WESTON to accelerated growth.

Get in touch with us if you have any queries about our products. We will be happy to answer you.



Our vision concentrates on imparting sustainable value to various agricultural businesses and other manufacturing plants that constantly require industrial valves of various sizes and features. We make processing operations easier for companies.

We tend to create a safer and more professional work environment at a bigger scale. We strive for excellent and consistently work on implementing more innovations at different stages of our extensive manufacturing process.

Building everlasting business relations with our customers is one of the core elements of our vision that we never compromise with.


Our mission is to become the largest manufacturer and wholesaler of industrial valves in India. We constantly work in a planned and dedicated way to accomplish our goals.

We aim to create further value for the businesses for whom we manufacturer the valves. It is one of our priorities to promptly serve the customers, perfectly meeting their specific demand.

We also aim to diversify our product range and become more equipped in terms of advanced manufacturing technologies and expertise. Becoming even more versatile as a manufacturer is one of the components of our mission. We want to set examples for the industry, leading it comprehensively.



Our core values have foundations of hard-work, sincerity, innovations, creativity and staying true to scientific requirements of manufacturing processes. We blend technical and management skills to create tangible value for businesses, especially for companies that operate in the primary sector.

Our relentless strive for excellence has made us a superior manufacturer over the years, with incredible competitiveness in the Indian market. We leave no stones unturned in maintaining our high moral. We endorse sustainable techniques of manufacturing.


Why Choose Us

There are several reasons to choose Weston for placing a bulk order for industrial valves. Some of the top reasons you can consider:

  • More than 12 years of prolific experience in the industry
  • Ability to handle multiple bulk orders with high-level expertise
  • Ultra-modern technologies used in manufacturing products
  • Perfectly addressing the specific requirements of the customers.
  • Trained, skilful and cooperative employees
  • Top-rated engineering designs
  • A wide range of industrial valves
  • Adhering to all set rules and regulations of the industry
  • No delays in delivering the project even under strict deadlines
  • Offering competitive prices for the customers
  • Delivering to all major locations across India


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    We are leading uPVC and PVC Ball Valves
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    We are a reputed manufacturer and supplier of high-grade industrial valves to several industrial units across India.

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